NorCal FireBreather Regional Open

FireBreather CrossFit National Championship


FireBreather Championship is proud to present the 1st Annual National CrossFit Championship.


The NorCal FireBreather Competition is a two day regional event for the NorCal CrossFit Region, which will test constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity across broad time, modalities, and domains and is the first step toward the National Championship in Denver, CO in January.

The NorCal Regional competition has a gigantic Cash Prizes: $3,400.00

When: Saturday and Sunday September 29 and 30

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Where / Venue:  Dixon High School - Track and Field

555 College Way
Dixon, CA 95620


(Call (970) 984-7096 if you get lost)


New High School not Old One


WODs and movement standards will be released on Tuesday September 6th at 8:00pm on our event website and on our facebook page. There will be two WODs/events for each day. We will be offering NO SCALING OPTIONS for competitors. You must be able to perform at least 5 reps per round of the weights below.

(If you cannot perform a movement asked, you will recieve a score of a - 50 for that event.)

Max weights

Below are the max weights and movements we will use for each age category. Please know that we may also go lighter in each category. Max lifts and strength ladders may also be incorporated. Prepare for other eventualities also.
Deadlift 275/190
Back Squat 225/155
Front Squat 185/125
Overhead Squat 135/95
Zercher Squat 165/115
PowerClean 185/125
Squat Clean 185/125
Jerk 155/105
Power Snatch 135/95
Squat Snatch 135/95
SDHP 115/75
Thruster 135/95
Ball Slams 50/40
Kettlebells 70/55
Burpees Yes
Odd Objects Yes
Pull-ups Chest to bar
Jumps Yes
Wall Ball 30/20
Rowing Yes
Running Yes
Double unders Yes
Dips Yes
Handstand push-ups Yes
Climbing Yes
Muscle-ups Yes
Biking- Yes


Registration is limited to the first 100 participants. We have it currently set for 50 Men and 50 Women. Please email us at to be waitlisted after the 100 spots have sold. Registration will officially close at 8:00pm September 21st. At this time we will not be refunding entries and registrants may not make any alterations to their registration status.

Check-in and packet pick-up will be from 5-8pm on Friday evening at the entrance of the specified venue above. We will also have early morning check-in from 6:30am-8:00am at the event. We encourage you to check in on Friday afternoon at designated venue if you live in the area to decrease the Saturday morning crowd.


There are two categories for this event: OPEN WOMEN & OPEN MEN.


We are looking for additional Judges and Volunteers for this event. We will be providing a very high level of judging. We will have multiple judges meetings prior to the event which will be coordinated via email. Volunteers and judges will receive free food at the event. Sign up under the "Volunteers and Judges" tab on this website and we will have more info for you. We always appreciate volunteers - without you events are not possible. Thank you!

We will have more event information sent to our competitors via email during the week of the event.

Weekend heat schedules will be released on Tuesday September 25th.


Mens: Womens:

1st - $1,000.00 1st - $1,000.00

2nd - $400.00 2nd - $400.00

3rd - $300.00 3rd - $300.00



National Championship Finals

The Finals National Championship Tital held in Denver, CO in January has a $10,000 Prize Purse for the National Championships. With sponsors like Rogue, Concept 2, Trigger Point, and Raw Revolution this event will be the most strictly judged and most well funded CrossFit Semi-Pro competition in the United States.




All Proceeds will be Donated to the Wounded Warrior Project on January 13th in Denver, CO at the
National FireBreather Championship Finals


WOD Standards


WOD 1 - “NASTY GIRLS” (with a twist) – (Time Limit 20:00)

3 Rounds For Time of:

15 Front Squats (135/95)
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

The start of the workout all athletes start standing 2 ft in front of their bars. Athletes are not permitted to touch their bars until “GO”. There will be a 20:00 min time limit on this workout.

Front Squats:

The weight must start in the rack position with in line positioning (the hips, knees, and waist all must be in a straight vertical line) When squatting the hips must break the parallel plane, below the knees. Completion of the movement is accomplished when all the joints are in the complete locked out position creating a vertical line with the hips directly over the knees and ankles. If the below parallel position is not reached, or the hips and knees are not fully extended at the finish of the movement it is a no rep. A front squat from a squat clean is permitted as long as a below parallel squat is achieved.

Muscle Up:

Athletes must start each MU with locked out arms, arms that have no bend in the elbow and armpits visible. A false grip is acceptable as long as there is no bend in the elbow at the start of the movement. Jumping up to the rings to gain upward muscle up movement is not permitted. For the top of the MU the athlete must then achieve a completed dip position showing control at the top of the MU extension and with elbow locked out/ strait. If the MU is started with elbows bent or in an upward gaining position or if the athlete fails to lock out the arms at the top of the muscle up it’s a No Rep.

Hang Power Clean:

Starting position is at the hang position. The bar can be no higher than just below the pockets (No Steve Erckel Tendencies)  When loading the legs prior to the explosion of the legs the bar may not be lowered below the knees. To complete the movement the athlete must have received the bar into the rack position with the bar resting on the shoulders just under the Adams apple and show control. If the bar is lowered from the rack position while the feet are not stationary, or if the bar is lowered before in the complete front rack position, then it’s a No Rep.

WOD 2 (Floater WOD)

MAX Strict Press (Shoulder Press) (Time Limit is 3 – min)

Strict Press:

For this movement to count the athlete must use only their shoulders and arms to left the weight above the head. There can be no movement of the legs in any way to thrust, push, or jerk the upper body or bar to give momentum to the weight. Feet must be planted firmly and not move position for the Max rep to count. Athletes will have a total of 3 minutes to find a 1 Rep Max Strict Press. Also there will be no practice weights available. Athletes may warm up any other way than lift a 45# or more barbell above their heads.

WOD 3 - “CINDY” (with a Twist)

20 min AMRAP

10 Pull Ups
15 Push Ups
20 Squats

Athletes will start, with their hands and feet touching the ground underneath their Pull Up bar. If an athlete moves their hands before the count of GO the judge will call a false start and restart the workout.

Pull Up:

Let’s keep it simple. Full extension of the arms at the bottom and chin over the bar at the top. If during any rep the arms do not come to full lock out making a straight line the rep will be a No Rep!
Push Up:

Chest must clearly touch the floor ( not belly) arms must be completely extended at the top. No half push ups. Make it clear.


If you are not doing these right, go take a foundations class at a local CrossFit. Begin with a should with, straight knee and hip stance At the bottom of the Squat the hip crease must be below the top of the knee for the rep to be counted. When coming back up the knees must be straight and the hips open all the way other wise it does not count.


WOD 4 - “GRATEFUL” (Time Limit is 22 min)

3 Rounds For Time of:

400 m Run

30 Burpees

15 Snatch (135 / 95)

Athletes will start with hands and feet touching a taped line on the track. On GO the athlete may only then lift their hands off the track and begin the run.


Get all the way around the track any way you would like. Stay in the boundaries of the track. Any participant stepping off the track will be disqualified from this workout.


The chest and hips must touch the floor completely at the bottom of this movement. Come up to a standing position any way you like and jump and clap over the head audibly. If there is contact to the floor constantly in any way with the body while jumping or an audible clap is not heard by the judge it will be a No Rep.


Start with the bar touching the ground with hands on the bar. The athlete must move the bar to an overhead position with arms locked out and arm pits flared. Control must be shown before the rep can count. Listen for your judge to say “GOOD” before you can lower the bar back to the floor. The bar cannot make contact with your head at all for the rep to count and cleaning and presses is not permitted. The movement must come from the ground to overhead locked out in one motion. Bars may be bounced, however the hands are not permitted to leave the bar during a rep. If the hands are not touching the bar as the bar is being lowered or raised it will be considered a No Rep.


“BRAIN FOOD” (Time Limit = 20 min)

3 Rounds for Time (Minus Reps for Seconds) of:

90 Double Unders (Timed)
Push Jerks (135/95) (As many as possible in the time it took to perform 90 Double Unders)

3-2-1- GO – Perform 100 DUs. Judge will time the 90 DUs and take a lap time immediately giving you the same time as you had performed your DUs. Perform as many Push Jerks as you can before your judge cuts off time. Immediately time is taken to perform 90 Double Unders for Round 2. Repeat process for two more additional rounds.

Double Unders:

Simply the rope must pass under the feet twice during one bounce. If the rope travels under the feet once and hits the legs when coming around a second time the rep does not count.

Push Jerk:

For simplicity sake this will be a shoulder to overhead movement. Do whatever you would like to get the bar from a should to over head position. Snatching is not permitted.